How To Create A Better Senior Assisted Living Facility For Seniors With Mobility Issues

With age comes decreased muscle control and response for some seniors as age related muscle degradation results in the body’s ability to process protein and convert that into energy. Dietary changes in senior citizens and the presence of chronic disease and other factors also contribute to the problem. This is why senior assisted living Minnesota communities encourage socialization and exercise to help prevent decline.

Encourage Activity In The Senior Assisted Living Facility

Regular exercise as long as it is allowed by the physician can help an elderly individual that you care for overcome some mobility problems. Walks and yoga are perfect for helping improve flexibility as well as encourage development of muscle. Increased muscle mass results in better balance and control and therefore addressing mobility problems in the elderly.

Promote Fiber-Rich and Lean Protein Meals for Seniors With Mobility Issues

Seniors get to eat healthy meals in senior assisted living facilitiesA poor diet results in wasted calories not to mention the toll on one’s health. Aging adults need to eat more healthy meals and be more discerning in their food choices as their bodies lose the ability to process nutrients. A healthy diet also means gaining or losing the right weight which will make it easier to move around. Seniors need to add good protein sources that their body can digest like fish, eggs, nuts, poultry and beans.


Prevent Fall Hazards At Senior Assisted Living Homes

According to the latest data, most accidents occur in three areas namely: the bathroom, stairway and kitchen. Place mats or rubber mats can help to prevent slips while handrails or raised toilet seats can help prevent accidents in the bathroom.

Get rid of clutter in the home such as loose wires and rugs that can lead to trips and falls. Hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms should have adequate lighting.

Seniors With Mobility Issues Need Regular Doctor’s Checkup

An annual physical from a physician along with regular evaluations of medications can help prevent mobility concerns. Some prescriptions can cause drowsiness or balance problems that can raise the concern of falling. The doctor might be able to prescribe other medications or identify health problems and treat them. Regular checks for vision and hearing are also vital.

Eldery getting a routine checkup in a senior assisted living homeWhen an elderly member of the family suffer mobility issues and lives alone, a good solution to think about would be senior communities to help the elderly achieve activities of daily living in a safe and secure environment and with other residents of the same age for social support. It is vital to talk it over with the elderly member and explain to them how a senior assisted living community like The Geneva Suites as a living option compared to living alone.